Homeowners are back in charge

Homeowners are the lifeblood of the vacation rental industry and we are proud to work alongside them in our new venture with VacationRentals. There have been many changes over the past few years in the short-term rental industry and not all of them are good.

10 years ago, 5 years ago, even 2 years ago – homeowners were in control of their vacation rentals, interacting directly with their potential guests and all was well. That changed in 2016 when VRBO was purchased by Expedia and the dynamics of direct interaction changed.

Homeowners who had managed their vacation homes successfully without any need of outside “assistance” were informed that they would no longer be needed in the reservation process and that all bookings, financial transactions and interaction would be handled through the Online Travel Agency (OTA).

We are here to change this immediately and forever. With Vacation.Rentals by VacaRent you are now back in control (as you should be) of your vacation rental. We give you the tools (iCalendar, amenities, Google Maps, seasonal rates, minimum day bookings, SMS notification, etc) and leave you in charge of renting out your property.

There are no fees or commissions charged to you ever, just a simple annual membership that offers so much more than a directory listing. To show how serious we are about putting you in control of your inquiries, we are releasing LIVE CHAT for the first time ever available in the OTA industry. No one else has ever done this before and we will be the first. Travelers will be able to see who is online and who is not and immediately reach out to the homeowner instantly. Even if the other OTAs eventually offer it, we will always be the first.

We know many of you want a website but don’t know how and where to turn to. The costs are enormous for people who have no idea what they are up against and the sales pitch is heavy. Our cost? Free – period. We give you the framework and a free template designed specifically and directly for vacation home owners. We even have extensive videos to help get you up and running in no time.

We have incorporated SMS messaging with your subscription, so you can be notified immediately when someone makes an inquiry on your property. Speed is of the essence in this game and the homeowner who responds quickest generally gets the booking.

Every single thing that we have done with this website has been done to ensure that you, the homeowner, are back in control – as you should be – of your vacation rental property.