Why should you be stuck paying even more?

We don't believe that simply reserving a home to stay on your next vacation should set you back another 3-15% for travelers fees. In fact, if anything, we believe you should pay nothing. That is why Vacation Rentals By VacaRent never charges for them and never will.

Our homeowners appreciate your business and the last thing any of us wants to do is push you away by ruining the experience for you with tacked on fees.

All homes are personally vetted by us for accuracy in listing, ownership, and pricing. What you reserved is exactly the home you will get – you have our absolute assurances on it. We will even reward you $100 for information of a bait and switch* on your next stay. We simply do not allow it

We strive to make the introduction between homeowner and traveler as transparent as possible and will never filter out e-mail, website URLs, or phone numbers. In fact, we even encourage you to communicate as extensively as necessary to satisfy your need to get the best possible vacation home for rent on your next trip.

So don't get stuck paying travelers fees for the exact same home you may see on a competitors website. Use the money to buy an even better experience on vacation for you and your family. Or, better yet, use the saved money towards your next vacation with us!

*Our policy on bait and switch is very clear – it is not allowed. Homeowners and property managers sometimes try to save a little too much on listing subscriptions by listing one property when in fact they may have 2, 3, even 10 properties that are not listed. Should you encounter any homeowner or property manager offering to put you in a similar unit for the same/higher/lower price that is not advertised on our site, simply inform us of the property number and we will handle the rest on our end and cut a check to you for $100, no questions asked. If the property is listed on our site and the owner refers you to that listing – it does not qualify for the $100 reward. This is strictly for unlisted properties. You may contact us directly at 417 230 0717 or via e-mail at sales@vacarent.com

We want your vacation to be nothing short of the absolute best and appreciate you staying with one of our listing partners.

Mike Kugler
Vacation Rentals By VacaRent