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Twin Lakes Idaho

Spring Fishing Tips


My experience has been that both of the Twin Lakes and channel are a fantastic fishing destination, especially in the spring.  They primarily hold warm water species (largemouth bass, crappie, pike, etc.), but good numbers of trout and Kokanee salmon are stocked throughout the spring and summer in the Lower lake.  Those are not my target species, but every year I catch some incidental trout while I’m fishing for crappie.  There are plenty of three to five-pound bass to be caught although they average much smaller than that.  In the spring the crappie and sunfish fishing can be absolutely fantastic.  In addition to this, there is are some northern pike in the lakes as well, with the state record being caught at the lake in August of 2010 (40 plus pounds).  Here are a few tips for springtime fishing at Twin Lakes.


March -  The channel is the first part of the lakes to warm up, thus, it is the first to “ice off”.  Trout fishing can be okay right by the bridge in March.  These trout will be holdovers from the previous year and will run between 12 to 15 inches.  It won’t be red hot like catching freshly stocked trout, but these fish are much nicer.  Use Power bait eggs (which float) and a slip weight.  March can provide the occasional bass and Pike, and depending on water temperature crappie may turn on as well.  Nothing will be red hot yet, but fish can be caught.  Every year large northern pike are caught through the channel and in front of the bridge this time of year.


April, May, June – This is prime season for crappie and bass fishing.  As soon as the water temperature gets to about 51 to 53 degrees the fishing really turns on.  Catching several dozen or more crappies is not uncommon at all.  Use a small crappie jig in pink, chartreuse, orange, black, or white (or combos of those colors).  I like to use a 1/32-ounce jig head and a rubber body that looks like a small 1.5 to 2-inch worm.  Set the jig about three to four feet below the small bobber (I prefer a “stick” bobber).  The crappie will be found close to shore, near brush piles, logs, docks, and other structure along the shore lines of the upper and lower lakes.  They will also be in the channel by the bridge.  For crappie this time of year…make sure you fish structure of some type.


This is also a great time of year to catch sunfish.  They will be spawning in the shallower sandy areas, and can be found near shorelines and docks.  Use the same thing; a small jig and bobber and you should catch plenty of sunfish by the docks in 2 to 5 feet of water.  You can also use a small piece of bait instead of the jig, or, use a jig with no bobber and just reel in very slowly.


Largemouth bass are preparing to spawn or spawning throughout the channel and in the weeds at the top end of the upper lake.  I like to use 4-inch rubber grubs.  Favorite colors are greens, browns, purples, and black (in that order), or a rubber crawdad in similar colors.  I’ve also had good results on spinner baits and baby bass or perch colored plugs.


If you prefer, throw out a whole or piece of night crawler with a bobber and just let it float.  You will get a bite soon, but you never know what it may be.

Authors Notes:
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