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v1.3.1 Release Notes
3 Jul

v1.3.1 Release Notes 3 Jul

General fixes & enhancements

  • added sitemaps and automated sitemap generation;
  • added new meta tags to static page elements;
  • added new UI elements;
  • added additional rate quote disclaimers;
  • added testimonials page;
  • added dedicated FAQ page;
  • added additional details for reservations in admin panel;
  • refactored frontend assets;
  • refactored blog backend architecture;
  • refactored blog post url structure so it's more SEO friendly;
  • updated blog index page styles for better UX & responsive support;
  • updated footer menu items;
  • updated copytext on manage listing page for better UX;
  • updated registration flow for accounts created via social media;
  • updated reservation totals on reservation dashboard for hosts to display grand total instead of subtotal;
  • fixed issue with post author images not displaying properly;
  • fixed blog posts, categories and tags slugs so they're formatted properly for urls;
  • fixed thumbnail styles on admin blog post edit and add page;
  • fixed issue with price calculations not including weekend rates if a base weekly rate isn't set causing incorrect rate estimates for 7 day stays;
  • fixed issue with listing photo captions not being editable on tablets/iOS devices;
  • fixed issue where listing photos weren't being displayed in the correct order on the room detail page slider;
  • fixed issue where listing photos would not retain the correct order when new photos were uploaded;
  • fixed issue with calendar date tile prices not updating immediately when the nightly or weekend price is updated in the pricing panel.
  • fixed issue where the incorrect reservation total was displaying for some guest users on the receipt after making a reservation;
  • Refactored user registration logic & other architecture optimizations

Search/Map fixes & enhancements

  • Updated method in which location addresses are fetched when creating a new listing;
  • Updated & increased maximum price filter to $5000
  • fixed issue with named search routes not working properly;

Calendar fixes & enhancements

  • Added new notifications and user prompts to the calendar Edit Settings panel.
  • Added ability to select date ranges in the panel by dragging the calendar tiles;
  • Updated the calendar Edit Settings UI for a better user experience.
  • Refactored how host users edit existing reservations, seasons & blocked dates.
  • Refactored how users add existing reservations, seasons & blocked dates.
  • fixed issue with info tooltips not displaying properly sometimes on manage listing panel;


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