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v1.3 Release Notes
25 Jun

v1.3 Release Notes 25 Jun

New calendar views and reservation capabilities. Reservations now allow back to back checkouts, lots of iOS fixes and more...

General fixes & enhancements

  • Added new blog functionality
  • Added improvements to admin listing management functionality;
  • Added capability for users to manually sort all listing pricing tables & set default sort by date;
  • Added improvements to error/exception handling rules;
  • Added mini calendar with open/reserved dates to availability section on single listing view;
  • Added new user info requirements to registration form;
  • Added mini calendar availability view to single listing pages;
  • Refactored all assets and other architecture improvements;
  • Fixed issue with room pricing not returning currency symbol set by hosts;
  • Fixed issue where hosts were not able to delete additional charges once set;
  • Fixed issue where errors were occurring if hosts attempted to upload more than 20 images at once to a listing;
  • Fixed issue with price calculator not returning correct weekly rates.
  • Fixed issue with drag & drop photo reordering not working on iOS devices;
  • Fixed issue with photo captions not saving after photos are reordered;

Search/Map fixes & enhancements

  • Updated listing search and map UI for better responsive support;
  • Updated search distance tolerance for improved search return results;
  • Updated search result order to display listings randomly based on proximity;
  • Fixed issue on iOS devices causing map to overlay search results;
  • Fixed various iOS & IE issues with search map;

Calendar fixes & enhancements

  • Added capability for hosts to manually sync their listing iCal feeds;
  • Added Last updated date/time ical feed import;
  • Added capability for hosts to manually create reservations;
  • Added UI improvements to differentiate between imported reservations, manual reservations & reservations made by guests on V.R
  • Added capability to display seasonal prices, reservations & unavailable dates in calendar pricing table by all, current month or current year;
  • Added capability to view itineraries for reservations booked through V.R directly from calendar and reservation table;
  • Added capability for hosts to edit and add notes to imported reservations;
  • Refactored unavailable dates to allow hosts block out entire date ranges, not allowing guests to check-in or check-out on start/end date (this is used when a listing date_range is not available for any type of occupancy).
  • Refactored & completely redesigned calendar UI and improved calendar UX;
  • Refactored & redesigned calendar seasonal pricing UI;
  • Refactored reservation and iCal import logic to allow guests to check-in on preceding reservation check-out dates and check-out on succeeding check-in dates;
  • Refactored & redesigned calendar pricing tables for improved responsive UX;
  • Fixed issue with iCal feeds not automatically updating;


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