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v1.4 Release Notes
10 Aug

v1.4 Release Notes 10 Aug


  • Added support for sms notifications to hosts when a reservation request or reservation cancellation is made.
  • added new Additional Charges functionality, allowing hosts more control over how additional charges are applied;
  • Updated "Blocked" and "Season" dates to allow users to set for 1 night only;
  • Updated reservation notifications to include contact info for both guests & hosts;
  • Added new user management functionality for Administrators;
  • Refactored meta tag handling for better on-site SEO optimization;
  • Refactored the listing photo upload process for better user experience;
  • Added upload progress indicator when uploading listing photos;
  • Updated listing photo upload to restrict image sizes to 5mb;
  • Added new meta tag handling features for listings to allow SEO A/B testing;
  • Refactored listing route architecture & added url slug support;
  • Updated listing url structure for better SEO;
  • Updated Host profiles to display a carousel slider for all owned listings, added additional contact info for logged in users;
  • Added new capabilities for SEO management and page meta tags;
  • Added new widgets to display listings across the application;


  • Fixed issue with contact form name field not validating input correctly;
  • Fixed issue with static pages & blog post meta not being outputted correctly;
  • Fixed styling bug in the footer;
  • Fixed issue where listing approval notification wasn't being displayed after a listing was published for the first time;
  • fixed issue on home search page when user changes checkout date it was also changing check-in date;
  • Fixed issue with google profile pic not displaying properly when registering with google;
  • Fixed issues with page meta tags not displaying properly for pages & blog posts;
  • Fixed issues with phone validation on registration and added better international phone validation support;
  • Various style fixes;


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