Vacation.Rentals has more in common with you than you realize


Vacation.Rentals is a project that has been pursued for the past 3 years by the owner and developer of the site, Mike Kugler.

Mike and his wife Handan own Hunters Friend Resort in Branson, MO. and have been in the short term rental market for 14 years. During this time they noticed a strong trend towards taking more of the owner/property managers revenue from listing sites while giving less in return for owners who did not pay the premium listing services. In August of 2015, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) released new gTLDs to the marketplace in the hopes of spreading out some of the competition for highly lucrative domains. For the past 3 years we have pursued and finally won the right of ownership for Vacation.Rentals

Vacation.Rentals launched live to the internet on the 1st of January, 2018 wtih the desire to bring a more affordable and user friendly experience to the short term nightly rental market. This effort took months of hard work and committment from  a dedicated staff along with a sizeable comittment in investment. It is our strongest desire to grow this site to over a million listings worldwide and we will not stop until we have achieved this. We will accomplish this by demonstrating a comittment to you the owner as well as the traveler.

We do not collect any fees or commissions, will not strike out contact information from either side, and encourage our owners to interact with us directly to let us know what other features they would like to see added. With this we will launch a forum for and encourage everyone to use it.

I am always here to help and welcome input from our owners at any time.

With respect,
Mike and Handan Kugler

Contact No.: 417 230 0717