With so many websites for vacation rentals why would you choose ours?

We are more alike than you realize

Vacation Rentals

Let me first introduce both my wife and myself. We are Mike and Handan Kugler, owners of Hunter’s Friend Resort in Branson, Missouri and the owners of Vacation.Rentals by Alpu. We have been in the vacation rental business now for 14 years. In that time we have the incredible fortune to see this issue from both sides and believe that working together with you, we can do something about it.

Vacation.Rentals puts you – the homeowner – back in control of your listing. You determine whether or not you want to accept the booking. You decide the method of payment you will accept. You interact directly with the customer via e-mail and phone communication. We just make the introduction.

We will never collect fees for your bookings, no commissions, no service fees – nothing. Just a simple annual membership that you can choose to renew or not.

Still, that may or may not be enough to sway you to join us, so let’s get down to the details.

Notice the different URL? Vacation DOT Rentals That is new, by design, and is going to change the domain structure of the internet in the very near future.

Here is an example:
Imagine you went into a bookstore (Which is really all the internet is. A large repository of great information) and immediately to your left was fiction and on your right was non-fiction. You would spend hours going through the aisles looking for a biography on Winston Churchill in the non fiction section.

This is how the internet started out. It was either .com or .net and that was pretty much the end of it. All of that changed in 2015 when ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) introduced new gTLDs (Generic Top Level Domains) .attorney, .tech, .rentals, .restaurant and many more. Now the book store was meaningful again. You could find Arnold Schwarzenegger under sports, Italy in the travel section, learn code in the tech section and so much more.

The same holds true now for these new gTLDs. The search engines will be able to serve up better information bringing homeowner together with traveler with Vacation.Rentals and they will be relevant results. The best part? The .(dot) is ignored by search engines so it is treated as a space just like you would type.