Property managers represent the best interests of both parties

One of the unique characteristics of property managers is that they have a fiduciary duty to both traveler and homeowner.The owners of this very website are property managers themselves and have been for the past 15 years with Hunter’s Friend Resort in Branson, MO.

Property managers know who they can call when problems arise at a moment’s notice – oftentimes working with handyman services either in their office or in their locality. Performing a wide range of tasks from advisors on entertainment, giving directions, and resolving disputes. Because property managers normally have numerous properties under their control, they can even move a last minute reservation if a hard fail arises that requires an immediate solution.

To their homeowners they represent, property managers watch out for their best interest, protecting the sizeable investment their clients have made with their purchase. The property manager knows the condition of the property when they take over management and gives the homeowner peace of mind in knowing that they are overseeing every issue that arises from time to time.

To the travelers, they represent their best interest in assuring the customer has a great stay, courteous service, and impeccable cleanliness of the reserved property. Happy customers give great referrals and generally will earn repeat business for years to come.

When Property managers list with us, they immediately enjoy discounts on all listings after their first initial listing. Because of our reasonable annual subscription charges for single units, we are strict in our enforcement policy when it comes to “List one – rent one” and do not allow for bait and switch properties to the travelers. Travelers are rewarded with $150 immediately for notifying us of such tactics as we take bait and switch seriously. You have our absolute assurances the property you reserve will be the property you get.